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Capturing Beauty, Capturing Life

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Willow Studios

Capturing the Beauty of Life

Willow Studios began in 2021 to share the beauty of life.  The photos and blog are for your entertainment, and feel free to comment - or send me an email at

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Where is Willow Studios?


Ferndale, 5-7 July

Carmel, 13-14 July

Hollister Veteran's Hall, 10 August


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The Studio is named after our girl Willow, 2002-2013.  She taught me about enduring love and devotion and will always be my special girl.  Our logo is that of a Willow Tree with a Yellow Lab - it is all her.

I love making beautiful photographs and capturing the drama, fun, and colors of life, and my work is solely to create smiles and little mini-vacations.

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