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I'm Baaaack

Wow, its been awhile. I've ignored my Social Media enough and I'm back at it. I've been working on new photos, printing, matting and framing; making new cards; and doing two shows.

Shows. Okay, fairs and festivals. I get a lot of comments, many compliments and plenty of lookers but the sales are slow. It could be the sign of the times and I certainly don't take it personally. The prep for a show is very time consuming but I now have most of the product ready and it's a matter of making it all better.

New photos. A trip to Monument Valley has added some great shots with a wonderful stay on the edge of the Valley. Nothing like getting out of bed and a sunrise from your porch! At Death Valley we were alone on the crater's rim and a visit by two ravens gave me a great portrait.

I've added more jelly fish pictures (a favorite of the fairs!) as well and have my eyes open all the time to capture nature's beauty. I am also looking at selling photographs on line! To be honest, I'm not a techie person so all that will be in due time. ....but hopefully soon.

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