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What is New Year’s? One magic day when we all observe the passing of a year and look fresh onto the next twelve months. I am bored with the big celebrations and ‘resolutions.’ I’m in bed at seven, read and sleep on December 31st. It’s just another day, like yesterday and the day before. It’s a measure of time.

This is not to say I’m gloom and doom – I’ve turned this New Year’s thing into a personal reset. The rest of the world is placing unrealistic resolutions, false hopes for perfection, and the ususal “this year” will be so great. And let’s face it – so much of the celebration and resolution is developed from negative, right?

Me? I’m hitting my personal control-alt-delete.

Rethink. Recharge. Restart. Re-Boot.

Thin about it –

When our computers need to get the junk spinning in the background and operate more efficiently again we control-alt-delete. Re-Boot.

Something isn’t working right? Unplug and Re-plug it in. Re-Boot. Control-Alt-Delete.

We organize our offices and homes to start fresh again mentally with the order and physically with the space. Re-Boot. Control-Alt-Delete.

One day a year I look to reboot me. Not resolve a thing or look at the big chunk of a year, but specifically to take the time to rethink where I am in my personal life and where I want to be. I need to recharge those good things I’ve started and restart those good things I’ve let go. What did I want to do that I just never did? Did I put a barrier in my own way? Why, and reboot to do it.

Sure, I could easily make a resolution to lose fifty pounds (or ten or twenty), but it’s better for me personally to rethink what I’m doing and what I’m not doing; maybe do more things that I like, love or wanted to do; remove the barriers that I put up; and re-engage myself to do it. Not with a set weight, but a daily check-in to me. Re-Boot the way I think, Re-boot the way I do.

So, welcome a Re-Boot in your life. Just take a few minutes to close your eyes and not think of ‘mistakes’ or ‘negatives’ of the past but rethink who you are and what you want of life. Recharge your engagement to that feeling or vision and Re-Boot. Restart.


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