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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

And why we love them

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I love dogs.

I've been spending more time at Dog Shows with a 'Walk up' Portrait Studio. I have to admit these shows are fun for me personally, as I am a HUGE dog lover.

One thing I love is: Dogs are Dogs. It doesn't matter the titles or ribbons, dogs are simply dogs. They are honest and true, and reflect how they love and live openly.

Dogs make people smile. I have a couple of shots where dogs give me total openness about who they are. The head tilts, interest, even attitude (boredom and diva-worthy drop dead looks are the best.

Dogs ground us all. I've had serious contenders, champions, groomers and disappointed owners, loving families and singles all come to the booth for pictures. While in various states of mind, the dogs remind their people that above all else they will always simply be them.

Dogs. I love dogs.

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